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Entrepreneurship: Learn Why Starting Your Cannabis Startup at 70 Can Provide you with a Better Growth Mindset

Oct 18th, 2018

This article focuses on the joy of beginning entrepreneurship at any age. Professor Lead Boehm is the seventy-year-old creator of a new cannabis startup, Witi-Sense. The company is focused on technology development, specifically, sensors for the cannabis plant.

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We have all heard of the expression : “age is just a number”, right? Did you know that starting a cannabis startup at 70 can provide you with the same joy than starting it at 30. Cannabis entrepreneurship is open to everyone and can provde you with a better growth mindset.

The technology company, Witi- Sense, was founded by Professor Lead Boehm. Her former colleague and engineer, Dan Savin worked along- side her on the project. The two work out of Kibbutz Revadim in southern Israel. Prior to Witi-Sense, the two worked in developing sensors for the agricultural industry, mainly focusing on the cannabis plant. Professor Boehm has a growth mindset; she currently holds a PhD in Solid State Chemistry, and ran technology research as the Chief Scientist at Israel Aerospace Industries. She has written over 80 scientific publications and has 4 patents to her name.

Witi-Sense focuses on crop management decision-making to help with classifying cannabis strains. The technology works by using spectroscopy-based analytics which identifies materials based on how they reflect wavelengths of energy. In ordinary circumstances, crop management decision-making requires real time quality monitoring which is hard to do if samples need to be sent elsewhere and analyzed in a laboratory setting.

Traditionally, growers struggle to obtain data on the potency of their plants. Professor Boehm’s research looks at both tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THAC), which gets you high and cannabidiol acid (CBDA) which relieves pain. Cannabis contains over 113 different chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. The specific amount of each of these compounds in a particular cannabis strains are often inconsistent. This makes it easy to understand how standard labeling on cannabis products can be very inaccurate as well. The inconsistencies have even been tied to rapid heart rate, panic attacks, and hallucinations.

According to Boehm, currently there are no devices to help growers verify the composition and potency of cannabis in real time and maintain that growth mindset to produce high quality strains. Witi-Sense wants to use a hand-held device which will allow growers to measure the concentrations of THCA and CBDA in wet cannabis flowers on site. This will help to optimize harvests and increase the yield without sacrificing quality.

Professor Boehm also works alongside her eldest son who helps write the business plan and finds connections for the company. She says, “the whole family is very encouraging.” This story is a great example for entrepreneurs of any age who want to get into the cannabis field and have a strong growth mindset. Professor Boehm explains, “The concept that younger founders are energized risk-takers who have more free time and fewer family obligations sometimes makes us overlook the most knowledgeable and experienced of founders with a lot of passion for innovation.”  Cannabis is one industry that appeals to many demographics and can benefit individuals with a growth mindset in different ways. Professor Boehm is a great example of the open community cannabis has. To find out more about cannabis entrepreneurship and how a growth mindset is setting individuals apart, please visit the Forbes website.

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